Election 2018: Town “Meeting Day” Elections Results

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School District Election (Link to results: http://www.hudsonnh.gov/docs/tc/tc-elec-2018-03-13-results-school.pdf)

Town Election (Link to results:http://www.hudsonnh.gov/docs/tc/tc-election-2018-03-13-results-town.pdf )

Town Ballot

Selectmen (3 Years) [2]:

    Marilyn McGrath, Normand Martin

Library Trustee (3 Years) [1]:

    Donna Boucher

Town Moderator (2 Years) [1]:

    Paul Interbitzen

Budget Committee (3 Years) [2]:

    Ted Trost, Grace Hopkins

Budget Committee (2 Years) [1]:

    Michael Fiedle

Code of Ethics (3 Years) [1]:

    State Representive Kimberly Rice [Write In]

Cemetery Trustee (3 Years) [1]:

    Mary Ellen Gannon

Supervisor of the Checklist (6 Years) [1]:

    Lisa Donovan

Trustee of the Trust Fund (3 Years) [1]:

    Edmund A Duschene

Town Warrant Articles:

    Zoning Amendments 1-5: Passed


Operating Budgets

    (general, water, sewer): Passed


Wage and Benefit Increases

    (Tax Collector/Town Clerk & Library Personnel):Passed
    Town Clerk/Tax Collector Salary Scale: Passed
    Hire 4 Firefighters/AEMTs: Passed


    Hire Assoicate IT Specialist: Failed


    Widening Lowell Rd (Wason to Sagamore Bridge):Passed
    Benson’s Park Restroom Facilities: Passed


Keno gaming in Hudson ?: passeedRatify Agreement between Hudson United Soccer and BOS: Passed Revised Tax Exemptions (Elderly and Disabled): Passed Approve Capitial Reserve Funds [CRFs]: (Communications Equipment & Infastructure, Property Re-evaluation and Apparatus Refurbishment/Repair: Passed)

    (Library Improvment & Municipal/Transportation: Failed)


School District Ballot

School Board (3 years): Darcy Orenella

School Warrant Articles

  1. Article 1: Passed (CTE center renovations at Alvirne)
  2. Article 2: Failed (Alvirne GYM/ Performing Arts Center)
  3. Article 3: Passed (District Budget)
  4. Article 4: Passed (Secretaries Contract)
  5. Article 5: Passed (PSRP Contract)
  6. Article 6: Failed (Wage Increase for School Board)
  7. Article 7: Passed (Partial Roof Replacement at Hudson Memorial School)
  8. Article 8: Passed (Funding added to school renovation Capitial Reserve Fund[CRF])