Election 2016

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Important Dates

September 13th,2016NH State Primary7:00am-8:00pmHudson Community Center
12 Lions Ave
NH Primary: Sample Ballot (Hudson) [Town of Hudson NH]
November 8th,2016General Election7:00am-8:00pmHudson Community Center
12 Lions Ave

Sample Ballots/Results

ElectionDateSample Ballot(s)Results
NH Presidental PrimaryFebruary 9thSample Ballot -- Presidental Primary- Democrat (Secretary of State -- NH)

Hillsborough County NH (Democratic Presidental Primary Results) NH Secretary of State
Hudson: Town and School ElectionsMarch 8thHudson NH Town/School Election: Sample Town Ballot
Hudson NH Town/School Election: Sample School Ballot
Town Ballot (results)
School Ballot (results)

Candidate appearances

Candidate Information: