Core Issues

Core Issues

  • Education – Making sure all members of our state have affordable options for the training necessary to compete in the 21st century. NH was the very lowest state in the country for providing educational funding to our students, yet the last legislature cut this in half, literally. Without an educated population we cannot hope to attract businesses and our citizens will not be prepared for the global marketplace in which we live.

  • Healthcare – The PP-AHCA Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act is a huge step in the right direction by eliminating the exclusion for pre-existing conditions, covering routine preventive care for women and by providing so many other benefits. Can we improve it? Absolutely. But we don’t feel that killing it and having to start all over again is a practical option. Reproductive freedom must be guaranteed in the 21st century. We must also achieve mental health parity.

  • Employment – Unemployment – Organized Labor – It is Unions that brought us the 40 hour work week and safe labor conditions we deserve.  Unemployment is still too high, but has been decreasing slowly nationwide and remains comparatively low in NH. The president took the actions necessary to retain jobs in some important sectors (such as vehicle manufacturing) and will continue to take careful, measured approaches as situations warrant.

  • Human Rights, Equality – LGBT, Equal Pay, Adequate Representation – The Lilly Ledbetter Act, establishing a law that women be paid the same as men was the 1st law signed into effect by this Democratic President. He stands by it and so do we.  We also want our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans friends to be afforded the same rights and protections under law that all other citizens enjoy. There are many townspeople who disagree with the redsitricting pattern that was drawn in this last legislature. We continue to support ADEQUATE representation as outlined in the state’s legal documents. Redistricting, when necessary, should be a logical process based on population, but also while respecting town and county boundaries rather than picking and choosing  based on how a party might be more likely to retain power.

  • Alternative Energy and Environmental Protections – We support the President’s comprehensive energy plan with a particular focus on LONG-TERM alternative energy to end our dependence on fossil fuels.  No one item will take care of all our energy needs, but the president has proven that he considers all methods and works with experts to make the right long term decisions for our nation (as opposed to short term ones for monetary gain). Sensible regulations are appropriate, removing all regulations benefits the few at the top at the expense of the many below.

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