Changes and Additions to

Good evening all,

My name is Ian Howes; I am the co-communications director of social media and online presence for the Hudson NH Democrats. Today, I am taking some time share the improvements and additions to our website.

First the navigation menu across the top of our website does look different. Several drop down menus can now be found under the calendar, contact us and voter information tabs. The calendar tab has drop down option the NHDP events. The contact us tab now includes links to the Hudson NH Democrats Facebook as well as the @Hudson_NHDems on twitter link. Also under the contact us tab the contact form has been updated to include a pair of social media options. The voter information tab now includes additional access to our links, core issues, and election 2016 pages.

For those looking for the road to the white house 2016 page; fear not the contents have been expanded and the page has been renamed to Election 2016. The Election 2016 page is a collection of events, policy platforms, and bios for the democratic presidential candidates. On October 5th, sections for the US Congressional Delegation have been added on the back of Governor Hassan announcement of her intent to campaign for Kelly Ayotte’s US Senate Seat.

Even though, we are very early in the Election 2016 process; business is beginning to pick up. Please check back here and our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Just a friendly reminder we are at the Hargreaves Memorial VFW Post on Main Street in Pelham; Wednesday December 9th,2015 at 7:00pm.