Getting big money out of Politics

Money-buying-influenceMany of us in Hudson would like to join the ranks of others in the state (including several neighboring towns) to send a message loud and clear that we have had it with the corrupting influence of money on our democratic process.

To this end we will be submitting a Petition to the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Hudson to adopt: New Hampshire Resolution to Get Big Money Out of Politics. If you would like to sign your name please contact Kate Messner at 603-881-3282 with your phone number, e-mail address and location in town so she can make arrangements to get your signature on the petition. She will gladly send you the specific text if requested.

Hudson Dems are back in action!

The Hudson Democratic Town Committee re-convened Thursday 9/19 after the summer off. We reviewed past caucuses & conventions (both county and state), recent events held and touched on some new ideas moving forward. An announcement was made about the following being held Monday 9/23/2013 at the Nashua City Hall by the Sierra Club. From their web site:
“NH Sierra Club and our friends at National Wildlife Federation, Union of Concerned Scientists, and Environment NH are sponsoring a Communities on Climate Roundtable to discuss the local impacts of climate change and challenges to our communities. Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster and Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau will lead the discussion. Learn about how NH communities and businesses are preparing for climate.
RSVP Here:”