Hudson NH Democrats in action.

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Hudson NH Democrats: Stephen Manzi and Ian Howes in action; At the Granite State Forward (Nashua Field Office)

Hudson NH Democrats: Stephen Manzi and Ian Howes and Hudson NH Field Organizer Chris Carrara in action; At the Granite State Forward (Nashua Field Office)

Hudson NH Democrats at the polls on Election Day.

Hudson NH Democrats at the polls on Election Day.


Hudson NH Democrats phone banking at the Granite State Forward: Nashua Field Office


Hudson NH Democrats at the polls on Election Day.

Hudson NH Democrats at the polls on Election Day.

Getting big money out of Politics

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Money-buying-influenceMany of us in Hudson would like to join the ranks of others in the state (including several neighboring towns) to send a message loud and clear that we have had it with the corrupting influence of money on our democratic process.

To this end we will be submitting a Petition to the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Hudson to adopt: New Hampshire Resolution to Get Big Money Out of Politics. If you would like to sign your name please contact Kate Messner at 603-881-3282 with your phone number, e-mail address and location in town so she can make arrangements to get your signature on the petition. She will gladly send you the specific text if requested.

Hudson Dems are back in action!

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The Hudson Democratic Town Committee re-convened Thursday 9/19 after the summer off. We reviewed past caucuses & conventions (both county and state), recent events held and touched on some new ideas moving forward. An announcement was made about the following being held Monday 9/23/2013 at the Nashua City Hall by the Sierra Club. From their web site:
“NH Sierra Club and our friends at National Wildlife Federation, Union of Concerned Scientists, and Environment NH are sponsoring a Communities on Climate Roundtable to discuss the local impacts of climate change and challenges to our communities. Congresswoman Ann McLane Kuster and Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau will lead the discussion. Learn about how NH communities and businesses are preparing for climate.
RSVP Here:”

June 2013 – a busy month for us


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Please watch the calendar for some important events coming up quickly which you will not want to miss.

NHDP-newbanner.pngJune 1st is the NHDP Mid-term convention held at Nashua High South this year. To register go to:

June 12th is a Health Care Forum “Health Care and You” – an informational session for the general public to

explain the real details behind the PP-ACA Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act. This will be held at the Rodgers Memorial Library here in Hudson.



6/15 is our Hillsborough County Caucus and Workshop 1/2 day event at the Milford Town Hall. 

News Release – Hudson Democratic Caucus

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New Executive Officers

 Hudson Democrats held their caucus, elected delegates to the State Convention and voted in Executives for the Hudson Democratic Town Committee (HDTC). The results are as follows: Katherine (Kate) Messner, Chair; Carol Schumann Stamm, Vice Chair; John Knowles, Treasurer and Grace Kennedy, Secretary. Since recent redistricting, Hudson shares Senate District 14 with Londonderry and Auburn and House District 37 with Pelham.

HDTC Monthly meetings will be held on the 3rd Thursdays at 7 PM at the Rodgers Memorial Library resuming on 3/21/2013. Meetings are open to the public and all registered Democrats in town are automatically members.


“We are very excited about our party’s successes in the November elections, in general, though not as much for our town, Kate said. “In 2008 we made great gains which were then systematically erased by those elected in 2010. We know mid-terms aren’t as exciting as General Elections, but that doesn’t mean we can stop paying attention. Democracy isn’t a spectator sport” said Kate.

Kate’s political involvement includes running as candidate for State Senate in the 2012 elections, where she won  41% of the vote against a very popular and accomplished two-term Republican incumbent. During her respectful campaign she was noted for saying: “If she [her opponent] were only a terrible candidate this would be a whole lot easier, but she has an excellent reputation of carefully studying the issues and listening to both sides; and that’s just the way I would like to perform the role. But there are big differences in our positions on the issues”. Formerly Kate served as Secretary and Communications Director for the HDTC, which motivated her to run in November. She also holds leadership roles in her church, the UU Church of Nashua.

Carol Schumann Stamm

Carol Schumann Stamm

Carol Schumann Stamm, holds a Masters degree in Learning Disabilities and has a Certification as an Assessment Specialist. A fellow Neighborhood Team Leader with Kate on Obama’s re-election campaign, she worked tirelessly with volunteers of all ages to inform citizens of the issues at stake, mobilize support and “get out the vote” in that role. Having witnessed her abilities in that effort, the Hudson Democratic Town Committee is thrilled that she has accepted the position of Vice Chair.


John Knowles, has a record that speaks for itself, as he was elected State Representative in the House for 2 prior terms.  John is quite well known in town also for his service on the Hudson Budget Committee, School Board, Hills Memorial Library Board of Trustees and Hudson Senior Advisory Council. With his wife, Mary Ann Knowles, re-elected to serve as our Representative in the House for this legislative term, the couple has forged the Hudson Dems through years of hard work.

Grace Kennedy holds a Masters in Education and has been active in politics throughout her 12 years in Hudson. She currently works for Boys & Girls Club in Nashua, has 3 children of her own, the youngest of whom has gone through the Hudson School System since first grade. One of her children suffers from autism, so she is acutely aware of the needs of the disabled. “I think this played a large role in Maggie Hassan’s election,” Grace said. “You didn’t have to fight to convince her about the need for services; having a disabled child of her own told you that she understood their challenges intimately.” Grace said.  Her active participation in  the Sierra Club State Conservation Committee (while residing in another state), also speaks to Grace’s ongoing commitment to environmental stewardship.

The HDTC (Hudson Democratic Town Committee) urges all residents to stay informed of the actions of their elected representatives and to participate in town politics regardless of party affiliation, or lack thereof.  Only an active, informed citizenry can produce the best outcome for our town, our state and our country. The Committee’s Facebook page is and the website is: