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Where: Legislative Office Building 33 N State St, Concord, NH 03301  When: Tuesday, March 26th, 11:30am-1:00pmWhy: Governor Sununu continues to promise a veto on the paid family and medical leave insurance bill, Senate Bill 1. We will be meeting at the legislative office building and marching to Governor Sununu’s office to show him Granite Staters need paid leave!

The environmental scientist Mindi Messmer best know for exposing cancer clusters will give a presentation that includes a documentary movie. The title of her lecture is : 
“The Cost of Inaction and the Power to Create Change”

April 18th 2019 at 6:00pm | Rodgers Memorial Library (194 Derry Road) Hudson NH.

Facebook event links:
NH Safe Water Alliance: presents “The Devil We Know” (Hudson)
Hudson NH Democrats lecture series

2019 Town (meeting day) Elections

Official Results : Updated on March 24,2019

Table of results:

Town* elected 4539Total General Write Ins not included; statistically insignificant. (less than 1%)School Ballot4,537Total     
Selectman (2) for 3 yearsVotes%Cemetry Trustee (1 ) for 3 yearsVotes%School Board (3 yr)votes%
Coutu*124327.38%Ethics (2) for 3 years [write ins only]+ Hudson NH Dem recomendedGoode1,00122.06%
Michael Drouin+70015.42%Coughlin*1302.86%Lamothe*2,71459.82%
Mason46110.16%Smalley*1824.01%^ Greater Nashua Young Dem RecomendedSchool Board (1 yr)votes%
Scotti89819.78%Checklist (1) for 5 yearsWhiting*2,23949.35%
Ulery81818.02%Rourke*252755.67%ArticleDescription (brief)Yes voteno vote% yes% no
Simmoneau53211.72%Brownrigg92620.40%1Alvirne HS Renovations (3/5th required)2,6161,86857.66%41.17%FAILEDRequired 2690 (60%)
Budget (3) for 3 yearsChecklist (1) for 1 year2Operating Budget2,6551,77858.52%39.19%Passed
Guessferd*249855.03%Leary*325971.80%3Partial Roof Replace : Alvirne3,63480580.10%17.74%Passed
Murray*272960.12%Treasurer (1) for 3 years4Increase fund to school reno. Capitial fund3,2811,10472.32%24.33%Passed
Weaver*259557.17%Doyle*262257.77%5Full Day Kindergarden2,0762,36045.76%52.02%Failed
Budget (1) for 1 yearLotti64014.10%6Change School voting day2,1002,19646.29%48.40%FailedRequired town passage
Alejandro Urrutia*+320270.54%
Trust Fund Trustee (1) for 3 years
Town articles
ArticleDescription (brief)Yes voteno vote% yes% no
2Zoning Amend 13,55064478.21%14.19%Passed
3Zoning Amend 23,49567177.00%14.78%Passed
4Zoning Amend 33,44270475.83%15.51%Passed
5Zoning Amend 43,30179572.73%17.51%Passed
6Zoning Amend 52,8881,14663.63%25.25%Passed
7Zoning Amend 62,9561,04665.12%23.04%Passed
8Operation Budget (general)2,6061,62657.41%35.82%Passed
9Operation Budget (Sewer)2,5381,67455.92%36.88%Passed
10Operation Budget (Utility: Water)3,0611,15467.44%25.42%Passed
11Contract: IAAF Local 31542,9751,42265.54%31.33%Passed
12Contract: Police, Fire, Town Supervisors2,8511,54062.81%33.93%Passed
13Contract: Support Staff (local 1801)2,7301,62660.15%35.82%Passed
14Contract: Public works (local 1801)2,7461,48960.50%32.80%Passed
15Hire 2 Police Officers (full time)2,5351,79755.85%39.59%Passed
16Property Re-evaluation Fund2,2441,89149.44%41.66%Passed
17VacCoM Truck Replacement Fund2,5011,62355.10%35.76%Passed
18Emergency Medical Service Revolving Fund3,1091,12768.50%24.83%Passed
1975% of Revnue ; land use change tax2,8531,28162.86%28.22%Passed
20Change Date of Town Meeting (Dependant on School passage)2,4671,70054.35%37.45%*School Ballot article failed
2170 Rangers Drive as Town Forest3,1451,17369.29%25.84%Passed
22Raise $25k for Library Improvement Capitial2,2992,00450.65%44.15%Passed

Web link to the results below:
Town of Hudson NH (March 2019) link
Hudson School District (March 2019) link

Sample Ballots
Town of Hudson NH March 2019
Hudson NH School District March 2019Paragraph

Informational Content
Hudson NH: GFWC Candidate Night (2019): Hudson Community TV

Hudson NH: Town Deliberative 2019: Hudson Community TV
Hudson NH: School Deliberative 2019: Hudson Community TV

(web) Friends of Alvirne (2019 School District : Article 1)
(Facebook) Hudson NH – Renovations for Generations (2019 School District: Article 1)

ch 2019) link

Sample Ballots
Town of Hudson NH March 2019
Hudson NH School District March 2019

Informational Content
Hudson NH: GFWC Candidate Night (2019): Hudson Community TV

Hudson NH: Town Deliberative 2019: Hudson Community TV
Hudson NH: School Deliberative 2019: Hudson Community TV

(web) Friends of Alvirne (2019 School District : Article 1)
(Facebook) Hudson NH – Renovations for Generations (2019 School District: Article 1)

Hudson NH Democrats on Hudson NH Community TV

Welcome to the latest project of the Hudson NH Democrats. Please feel free to check out programs on Hudson NH Community TV

  1. Hudson NH Democrats Vice Chair Grace Kennedy (February 22nd Update): link

    Hudson NH Democrats Speakers Series

  2. Brett Gagnon on Hudson Conservation (Hudson NH Democrats Speakers Series): [January 25th]: link
  3. Steve Beals (Prinicipal of Alvirne); speaks on behalf of the Alvirne Renovations for Generations program. [March 5th] : link

    Hudson NH Democrats Speakers Series: Democratic Presidental Primary 2020 Edition.
    ***Special Note about the content featured below: The content below features announced candidates as well as of those exploring a run for the Democratic nomination in New Hampshire’s First-In-The-Nation Presidential Primary. This section and any content shared (below this disclaimer) does not imply an endorsement or favoritism of any kind to any Democratic candidates actively engaged in competitive primary contests. ****

  4. Elizabeth Warren (US Senator D – Massachusetts) addressed Greater Nashua Young Democrats [March 15th]: linkAdditional candidate features to follow…stay tuned


Caucus Announcement

 Dear Hudson Democrats and friends. The Hudson Democrats Committee meets the third Thursday of every month at the Rodgers Memorial Library,
If you are a disenfranchised democrat because you have disagreements with what we are doing to promote a progressive agenda or you disagree with anything else we do, this is your opportunity to speak up, to become one of our officers or to support a candidate who reflects your way of thinking. This opportunity to make a difference is not only available at the local level but the state level by electing delegates to the State Convention.

We must successfully caucus so we can elect officers who will work tirelessly and creatively to engage Democrats in Hudson who will make sure working families have a voice in Concord and Washington. Please keep in mind that every town committee officer is an automatic delegate to the NH State Convention, as are the delegates allotted to your town. The Democratic Midterm Convention featuring the Democratic Presidential Candidates will be Saturday, September 7, 2019.
Our currents officers are Alejandro Urrutia- Chairman, Grace Kennedy-Vice-Chairman, Carol Stamm-Secretary, Kate Kessner and Peter Sessions-Treasurers.”
Alejandro Urrutia

Chairman of Hudson Democrats

Note: Hudson NH Democrats are scheduled to cacus on the evening of Thursday March 21st, 2019 at 7pm at Rodgers Memorial Library (194 Derry Road: NH 102 Hudson NH ).

Next meeting announcement

Speakers on the Opioid Crisis: Jake Berry of New Futures and Jason Hart of Teen Challenge. 7:00 pm Rodgers Memorial Library. Open to the Public, questions following speakers until 8:45 pm. New Futures is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that advocates, educates and collaborates to improve the health and wellness of New Hampshire residents through policy change. New Futures helps local communities in their support of public policies and efforts. Jake Berry manages policy efforts in the area of substance abuse by tracking critical legislation and ensuring that lawmakers and the public are well-informed. Teen Challenge is a residential program for men and women with life-controlling problems in the areas of drug and alcohol abuse. The goal of Teen Challenge is to provide effective and comprehensive solutions to problems coinciding with substance misuse and disorder. Their goal is to help people become mentally sound, socially adjusted, physically well, emotionally balanced and spiritually well productive members of society. All programs are provided without cost to the taxpayer as Teen Challenge receives no government funding. Jason Hart is the Academic Supervisor of Teen Challenge New Hampshire. As a former addict who was helped by Teen Challenge, Jason now helps others realize a new life.

Presented by the Hudson Democrats who will have a short business meeting 7-7:30pm